When is it time to see a Sex Therapist?

When is it time to see a Sex Therapist?


If you are experiencing problems with becoming sexually aroused, the answer may be visiting a therapist rather than making a trip to the doctor’s office (menshealth.com). The journal Cancer recently did a study that found that prostate cancer survivors significantly benefited from sex therapy when coping with erectile dysfunction. Those men who had sessions, be they online or in person, with a sex therapist for twelve weeks saw tremendous results both in the areas of sexual function and overall satisfaction. Those who didn’t seek sex therapy didn’t have any improvement in these areas. Sex therapy isn’t only for men in remission. Before ED drugs like Viagra and Cialis were made available, sex therapy was all the rage. According to research scientist at Indiana University, Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., “Sex therapy involves meeting with a trained counselor to talk about your sex life, so the therapist can offer information and at-home exercises to help with the problem. Sex is such a taboo topic—most people don’t know much about sexual difficulties, or what’s normal and what’s not. Sharing this information in a session can be life-changing for people.”

So when is it time to see a sex therapist? Whenever you have painful sex, low desire, problems acquiring and sustaining an erection, or some other such problem, a sex therapist can offer insight, advice, and strategies to turn your sex life around. If you are having trouble achieving or maintaining an erection or if you have an ejaculation problem that lasts for more than two weeks you may have a deeper, underlying issue that could be either physiological or psychological that a sex therapist can help you with. Also, if your sexual issue is causing problems in your relationship, it is certainly time to call the sex therapist. Problems in a relationship can cause sexual issues. A sex therapist can help you to alleviate those problems and give you strategies on how to mitigate the issues and get you through this difficult time.

If you feel ashamed or guilty about any part of your sexuality, talking to a professional can help sort it out. If for one reason or another your sex is painful, a therapist can offer advice on alternative positions to minimize the problem and maximize the enjoyment. If anxiety or insecurity is at fault, the sex therapist can offer advice on relaxation techniques. Think about your issue and determine whether or not it is appropriate to seek out a sex therapist. But if it is, don’t hesitate. Your sex life should be as deeply satisfying as you can make it. Why not seek out professional advice and make it the best it can be?

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