How Normal is your Penis?

How Normal is your Penis?


No one is better acquainted with your penis than you are, however, lots of guys don’t know what is normal downstairs and what is something that needs to be looked at by a physician (Men’s Health). How normal is your penis? There are lots of common things that guys ignore that could actually be signs of a deeper health issue.

If you have any of these problems see your doctor right away:

  • Have you ever noticed a soft, red patch of skin just below your head on the shaft of your penis? You may think this is just an area that’s a little irritated. Check to see if it’s sensitive or even painful. If you’ve had sex recently and it is tender then it’s probably nothing to worry about. But if it isn’t tender and you haven’t had intercourse, according to urologist Ryan Terlecki, M.D., this may be an early sign of penile cancer. If you catch it early enough, topical treatment or a simple surgery may be all that’s needed. Catch it too late, however, then a portion or perhaps the entire penis will have to be amputated.
  • The next issue is when the skin at the head of your penis feels tight. It’s as if it shrank in the laundry. You may also detect some white spotting in the same place. There may or may not be pain. This is a condition called lichen sclerosis. It’s a certain type of immune system or hormone imbalance. If you’re uncircumcised, this is of special concern. Without treatment, a blockage or even cancer may occur.
  • Most guys have a slight arc to their penis. But, if you’ve noticed it getting more pronounced, if it hurts when you take part in intercourse, and if you have what seems like a dime sized lump somewhere in the shaft, you may have Peyronie’s Disease. Scar tissue builds up and calcifies in the penis. Forgoing treatment could mean painful intercourse and even a broken penis. There are several different treatment options depending on severity, from saline injections and enzymes to surgery.
  • Have you ever noticed blood in your urine when you urinate? This is a serious symptom that could be linked to cancer, kidney stones or an enlarged prostate. But most doctors assume that it’s cancer unless it is ruled out. If you find a spot of blood in your underwear but it isn’t in your urine, check for any other problems that may be occurring. If you have tiny blue or red colored spots on your testicles and these are the source, don’t worry. This is a benign condition called angiokeratomas. However, if they are all congregating in one itchy patch you may have Paget’s disease, a condition that warrants removal.
  • From age fifteen to thirty-five, the most common form of cancer in men is testicular cancer. If you have any hard bumps on your testicles, though they may not be painful, seek out a doctor right away. This is the most common symptom. If caught in time, this cancer is easy to treat. 99% of cases see remission. Examine your testicles to make sure you don’t find any hard lumps or bumps. The best time to do so is after a hot bath or shower.

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