The Secret to the Most Fulfilling sex you’ve ever had

The Secret to the Most Fulfilling sex you’ve ever had


Lots of guys have that wild time or two in the back of their mind, the super-secret vault of spank action. Usually you stumble upon a scenario and all of a sudden you are caught up in it, an accidental threesome with two female friends, the tryst with the older woman, the time you made a sex tape with an ex, or when you and a high school girlfriend snuck out and went skinny dipping, getting it on in the water and hoping you didn’t get caught. Those are great memories that will last a lifetime. But lots of guys also have unfulfilled fantasies that they don’t want to bring up with their wife or girlfriend, or don’t know how to broach the subject. The real secret to the most fulfilling sex you’ve ever had is to share those fantasies with her no matter how perverted or strange you think she’ll find them. Truth is she’s probably got some dirty or weird fantasies of her own she’s scared to share with you. You have to have developed a relationship to a certain point for this to work. You have to be comfortable and close with one another. There has to be a deep bond of trust. It’s actually the sign of a healthy relationship if both of you can open up and share your fantasies. It’s even better when you have an understanding, loving, attentive lover who wants to please you, and be pleased by you.


Do not approach her with some list, pressure her or overwhelm her all at once. If you haven’t done anything kinky, springing it on her that you want her to be your mistress, wear spiked leather gloves and spank you with a paddle may be jumping too far ahead. Instead, start out small. Work into things. Start with the mild things and work slowly up the list. Say you want to make love out-of-doors. Discuss it with her as you would discuss any of your fantasies. Talk about hers first. If you make fantasy talk about her and your desire to fulfill her needs and wishes, she’ll be willing and enthusiastic about fulfilling yours. So if you want to make love to her outdoors, once she asks you about this bring it up. At first, she may reject the idea. Don’t pressure her. Tell her other subtler ones. Then here and there start whispering sexy and naughty things in her ear when you’re out and about. Tell her not to wear underwear one night and whisper how you know and how it turns you on. Later on, start touching her under the table, leg perhaps and work your way around to other areas. Make sure you’ve selected a secluded spot for when she’s ready to move things to the next level. This same process can be done for almost any fantasy. Talk to her about fantasies, first about hers, then yours. Fulfill one of hers to the best of your ability. And then work her into yours. Make her feel comfortable, make her feel sexy, make her yours and she’ll make you hers.

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