Dirty Talk Advanced

Dirty Talk Advanced


Men with lots of experience in the bedroom know that dirty talk can make or break the moment. What you say to her can drive her to the edge of ecstasy or to the edge of the bed to hightail it out of there. Most guys know the basics of what to say to a woman to turn her on. But women are complicated. There are a lot of nuances. If you’d like to sharpen your linguistic seduction skills then you’ve come to the right place. Here is dirty talk advanced level. Now when it’s at the beginning of a relationship, or it’s the first time after a tremendous fight or even after you’ve broken up and gotten back together, whatever the situation when you tell her “We can take it slow” mean it. If you pressure her later she’s likely to pull away. But if you do take it slow and show her that it’s her time, attention and affection you want she’ll warm to you. Lots of guys shower their lady with simple compliments that can frankly be applied to anyone. The trick is to make your compliments as specific as possible. Tell her you love the way the undertones of her skin make her radiate. But first you’ll have to know what that is. Don’t just talk about her eyes but that certain look she gives you, the way her eyes crease when she smiles, or something unique about their color. If you really want to turn a woman on make her feel special, unique and one-of-a-kind. Let her know how great she looks after the act. That will make an impression.


Use the word “you” and work it into whatever you are saying. Don’t tell her “That feels amazing” tell her “You feel amazing.” Instead of “I love how that feels.” Say “I love what you do to me.” Always put the focus on her. She will get more turned on, be more enthusiastic and that means more extra-special attention for you. According to psychotherapist Daylle Deanna Schwartz, “‘You’ is sexy because you’re referring to her as opposed to the act of sex. It’s very personal, and women love that.” Ms. Schwartz is author of the book How to Please a Woman in and out of Bed. When she’s going down on you or trying to please you in some way, don’t go stoic on her. Reinforce her. Women need to be supported emotionally. They want to know what they are doing pleases you. Moan a little, even if you aren’t a moaner to direct her and keep her at what you like. Say how good she makes you feel what she does that thing that you like. Incorporate dirty talk and directions together. Now instead of asking her should you disrobe her, tell her in a cute and charming way, “I’m going to take off all of your clothes, starting with this.” Women like it when men take initiative in bed. If she protests or you offend her at some point, and what guy won’t, give her a quick apology or make a joke (even better) and move lightly on.

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