Convince your Girl to Shave down There

Convince your Girl to Shave down There


There’s something really erotic about a girl who shaves down there. You notice a lot of strippers and porn stars do it. Sexologists dealing with couples who are having trouble in the bedroom suggest certain games, one of which is shaving one another. There is definitely something sensual and sexy about shaving a woman. If you’ve never done it, you must. If men find it so alluring, why don’t more “normal” women do it? Perhaps it has something to do with the perception of a shaved private area. Women who do so must be thought of as highly sexualized. The good girl stereotype then that many women try and live up to doesn’t allow for this practice. Still lots of guys are into the shaved look and feel. So how do you convince your girl to shave down there? There are a few methods. The first one, come right out and tell her. Don’t blurt it out. Wait for the proper time and the proper mood. Build into it. You want to talk about fantasies over wine before or after dinner, just the two of you. Play some music. Tell her you’re curious to hear more about her fantasies. Pick out one that you want to fulfill for her. Then she’ll ask you about yours. This is your chance to tell her about it. Tell her that you want to shave her sensuously, if you do. Give her some sensual language, about how good it will feel and how much it will turn you on.


If the straightforward but working her into it approach isn’t to your liking, but she’s relatively easygoing or likes some spontaneity, during a bout of foreplay produce some shaving cream and a razor, and make a theatrical event out of it. She’ll either be insulted or throw you out of the bedroom, or so turned on she can’t wait for you to be with her. Most of the time, it’s one or the other. Evaluate how she is when you’ve sprung other types of things on her, if you have, or if she has a wild streak. Do you guys watch porn together? If so, find movies that have shaving scenes in them. Ask her what she thought about it sometime afterwards. If she was into it, you are good to go. Another way to introduce the subject is to talk about some friends you know who introduced it into their foreplay. You could say your friend explained this really hot scene and it made you want to try it. This way she thinks that it was just a talk with a friend, and not that you’ve been harboring an opinion about her downstairs place. Get her to shave your area as foreplay. Lastly, make sure you keep yourself neat in your pubic area before you talk to her about shaving. You don’t want to be labelled hypocritical. The other thing is to make sure she knows how much you love her body. If you get her to think that you think it isn’t attractive, she won’t feel attractive. It will bring her overall sexual confidence down, ergo less sex. Let her know you think her privates are perfect bliss, you just want to try something new.

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