Don’t Use these Techniques to Lengthen Bedroom Performance

Don’t Use these Techniques to Lengthen Bedroom Performance


It’s no secret, a lot of guys want to last longer in bed. One of the most common problems is a man finishing before his partner is satisfied. There are lots of tried and true techniques to help, some physical others mental. There may also be an underlying health condition, especially if no matter what you have tried nothing works. At this point, it pays to seek out a physician. There are some methods out there that guys try thinking they will work, but end up making the problem worse. Don’t use these techniques to lengthen your bedroom performance. Otherwise, things can go south fast. The first is drinking too much.Lots of guys like to ease the tension by having a few drinks. This can alleviate anxiety and make you feel more confident. But consuming too much alcohol decreases blood flow, which is vital for forming an erection. Instead, use some mental tricks and deep breathing exercises to relieve anxiety and boost confidence. The most successful athletes picture themselves being successful, and visualize all the steps in their performance before taking part. Do the same and your bedroom performance is sure to improve.

Some say it’s a good idea to think about something else during sex. Baseball was the topic they would say to concentrate on in the olden days to divert one’s attention. But conjuring up chores, sports, work and even bad experiences may have the opposite effect. You may fail to perform at all. What’s more, this technique marries unpleasant or uninteresting thoughts with sex, which could lead to further problems. Instead, change up your repertoire. Perhaps orally or digitally stimulate your partner. Include toys. Slow things down. Spend more time on foreplay. Really get your partner excited before penetration occurs. Your partner is liable to enjoy sex more, you will feel more confident and your performance will improve. Stop and switch positions when you feel it coming on too soon. Some men pull out and press firmly just underneath the head of the penis in order to stave off orgasm. Then there are numbing creams and gels and special condoms. Experiment and find a technique that works for you.

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