The Effects of Over-Masturbation

The Effects of Over-Masturbation


Years ago, young boys and teens were discouraged from masturbation, and told a striking litany of untruths from the notion that they would go blind, to the unlikely event of developing hairy palms or any of a number of sexual dysfunctions. Medical scientists and psychologists agree today however that masturbation is a normal and healthy practice, both physically and psychologically as long as it is done, just like with anything else, in moderation.  However over-masturbation can have serious side effects which can include problems with physical, psychological and specifically genital health. There is a difference between frequent and over-masturbation. Though it can take place more than once per day, depending upon one’s physical condition, sexual functioning and sex drive, over-masturbation is more associated with an obsession or a compulsion. This form of masturbation can have a whole host of negative sexual side effects. Over-masturbation can lead to sexual fatigue. Without a refractory period for recovery, frequent masturbation can lead to the appearance of impotence. Ejaculating too often too can change a man’s body chemistry leading to memory loss, hair growth, fatigue, and pain in the areas of the groin and genitals.  Without sufficient pause, a man may find it increasingly difficult to have or sustain an erection.

Those who have fallen into the habit of over-masturbation and have caused themselves certain conditions, such as perceived erectile dysfunction, only need to quit the act for a few days or a week usually for things to go back to normal. See a physician if this doesn’t appear to be the case. Men who masturbate compulsively however may not be able to stop so easily, and may in fact be exhibiting addictive behavior. If he is hiding the behavior, fails to take part in normal activities, and the act is getting in the way of work, school, relationships and other responsibilities he should seek out medical attention, either from his primary healthcare physician or a psychologist. What’s more, obsessive or compulsive masturbation can cause a whole host of psychological and relationship problems. It can cause a man to lose interest in sex with his partner, for instance. His perceived erectile dysfunction too can hurt his self-esteem. In the bedroom itself, normal sensation may not be enough to bring the man to orgasm. Or he may have trouble performing. This can lead to relationship problems or worse. If over-masturbation is the issue, don’t hide it. Have an honest conversation with your partner about the issue. Perhaps even seek out couple’s therapy. Those who masturbate excessively can do damage to the penis itself, particularly those who use aggressive techniques such as gripping hard to twisting. Though it may lead only to soreness initially, over time it can thicken the skin leading to a loss in sensation. Masturbating less and using gentler techniques will help.

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