When is Delayed Ejaculation Cause for Concern?

When is Delayed Ejaculation Cause for Concern?


Delayed or impaired ejaculation is a condition where it takes an extended amount of sexual stimulation for a man to reach orgasm and ejaculate. There are even those men who never reach climax. What’s more, impaired ejaculation can be a temporary problem, or can last a lifetime. Medications, surgeries and certain medical conditions can cause delayed ejaculation. Treating the issue depends very much on the root cause. This condition is only a health issue if it interferes with you or your partner’s sexual satisfaction and fulfillment. There are men with delayed ejaculation who take thirty minutes or more to reach orgasm. Others can’t ejaculate at all, a condition known as anejaculation in medical terminology. The most common type of delayed ejaculation is when a man can’t orgasm during intercourse but he can climax during digital or oral stimulation. There are even men who can only reach orgasm through masturbation. The first two differentiations are whether this condition is an acquired condition due to a certain medical condition for instance, but before sexual functioning was normal. If it has always been like this, since a man came to sexual maturity, it is called lifelong delayed ejaculation. Next there is generalized and situational types. Generalized is when it happens no matter the stimulation or sexual partner, situational only occurs with certain kinds of stimulation or partners.

You should see a physician or specialist, such as a urologist when you think your medication is causing impaired ejaculation, when you think you have an underlying health condition that may be causing it, or when it is causing problems for you, your partner or your relationship. For physical causes; a birth defect, injury, infection, heart disease, hormone related conditions and prostate surgery are some reasons why this condition can occur. For psychological reasons; performance anxiety, depression, religious or cultural taboos, differences between reality and fantasy may all be reasons causing the condition. Also certain medications such as diuretics, antidepressants, blood pressure medications, antipsychotic medication and substance abuse problems such as alcoholism can cause the issue. Be sure to see your primary healthcare provider. Write down all the questions you have before your appointment. Make sure to list all the symptoms you have had. You may even want to take your partner with you so that they can give more information or fill in the blanks of anything you might have missed. Let them know when the problem started, how long you’ve been having it for, how exactly it works for you, and if it is situational or happens all the time. Your doctor will likely give you a physical exam, a blood test and take a urine sample for urinalysis. There are medications to solve the problem. Also, psychotherapy or sex therapy may alleviate the issue.


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