Self-Help Can Cure Premature Ejaculation

Self-Help Can Cure Premature Ejaculation


From his teen years until about 60 years of age, premature ejaculation (PE) is a man’s number one sexual complaint. About a third of American men experience PE. After 60 years of age erectile dysfunction becomes a much more prevalent issue for some men. According to a University of Chicago study, 20-25% of older men also experience premature ejaculation. So what can be done to combat premature ejaculation? Unlike erectile dysfunction, PE isn’t necessarily an underlying sign of a larger health problem. Still, it is important to see your doctor should you be experiencing PE for an extended period of time, say weeks or even months. However, it could be a matter best up to a psychologist or sex therapist. Most studies show that sex therapy clears up the issue 80% of the time. Some therapists claim they have a 90% success rate. However, sex therapy can be expensive. Overcoming the root causes can take several months of therapy. At $100 per hour you could have a bill of around $1,500 when all is said and done. Due to the elevated price tag, many seek a variety of sources in order to administer self-help. Self-help methods can certainly cure premature ejaculation, if you are patient, thorough and open-minded, and you’re willing to seek out a variety of methods which could undo your issue.

Research suggests that self-help resources can undo PE for about two thirds who attempt it. However, professional counseling is much more effective. There are online resources. Also, there are books you can purchase online or at your local bookstore. Many people mistakenly believe that PE has something to do with the relationship or a psychological disorder. In truth, it’s just a small issue that can be overcome with the help of products, therapy, or exercises and techniques.Some men take it as a blow to their ego, which in turn gives them performance anxiety, exacerbating the problem. If the problem is psychological, such as to do with low self-esteem, low self-image or anxiety, perhaps a counselor may be best. It could be that one is very excited at the prospect of intercourse. In this case, try to concentrate on your partner. Plan out a lot of foreplay. Use mental techniques to make yourself last longer. Use the technique called “edging” in which you stop, then start again in order to reset yourself and make your orgasm that much stronger. Do kegel exercises. Strengthening the pelvic floor isn’t just for women anymore. In fact, strong kegel muscles can help stave off ejaculation. If it is due to sensitivity, there are many brands of numbing agents on the market, available at sex shops and pharmacies. Make sure to use it as directed or else, you may be numbing your partner by mistake. Numbing condoms are also on the market. Finally, there are tantric sex techniques that can help. See if you and your partner are interested in learning more about tantric exercises.


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