Maintaining Proper Groin Hygiene

Maintaining Proper Groin Hygiene


Unfortunately, due to the fact that it’s caught in a warm, moist, dark place all day, your nether regions are the perfect environment to grow bacteria, especially the kind that emit odor. No time is this more prevalent than in the hot and humid days of summer. George Washington University dermatologist Kelley Pagliai Redbord M.D. says, “Sweat and moisture mix with the natural bacteria on your skin to cause body odor.” The groin has within it apocrine glands which when combined with sweat can produce some alarming odors. Though you may have never heard any complaints, it’s important to make sure no unseemly smells are lurking below the surface of your underwear. You certainly do not want your partner turned off by the idea of oral sex. What’s more, one bad experience can ruin the reputation of an otherwise amazing guy. Here are some strategies you can imply to eliminate or prevent odor. Pubic hair can not only trap moisture, it can capture smells as well. That’s why it may be a good idea to employ a little manscaping down there. You want the skin to be dry and cool. You certainly do not have to be bald down there. But a little trimming to keep it nice and neat and not give moisture, bacteria or odors a place to hide will not only keep things fresh down there, it will make the area look more attractive, and perhaps more inviting.

Southern Illinois University urologist Tobias Köhler, M.D. says it’s important to spend time cleaning the area properly. There are many folds and crevices so do it justice and spend a little more time and energy on that area during your daily shower. Köhler says, “Don’t just wipe some soap on the area. Use some pressure and get into all those crevices.” Redbord adds that if you are uncircumcised, be sure to attend to the area underneath the foreskin and to clean it out well. After your shower, dry the groin area well, particularly in summer. Just a little talcum or baby powder might do the trick as well. “Reduce moisture, and you’ll reduce body odor,” says Redbord. She even suggests that after you shower, use a blow dryer to get it completely dry. Be careful and be sure to hold the device an arm’s length away. Burns are never nice but there are some places you really don’t want to get one. Wear breathable underwear. Cotton is always a good option. In the heat and humidity of summer, Redbord even suggests using a little underarm deodorant down there, applied underneath the scrotum to eliminate odor and keep the region moisture free.


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