What Women Find Attractive

What Women Find Attractive


Is it a charming personality, a razor wit, a six figure salary, or six pack abs that call the ladies to you? Since the dawn of time men have been trying to figure out what women really find attractive. Now with the help of New York relationship specialist Irina Firstein, LCSW the mystery will finally be solved (knowmore.tv). First, a woman wants to feel safe with her man. She wants to feel supported. Her desire to feel protected by him comes from our Stone Age ancestors. But if she feels like she’s holding him up instead of the other way around, it’s a major turn-off. Most women desire someone who is taller than her and fit physically, to fulfill her need to be protected, to feel safe and cared for. If you aren’t so fit, perhaps make an effort to eat right, fit an exercise regimen into your weekly routine and show her that you want to be around to take care of her. Next, women are generally attracted to success. It’s due to the fact that historically speaking men were the providers. You don’t need to be a vice president in a company or have a tremendous stock portfolio however. It’s true that money and success are attractive to women. But being passionate, having a goal and working toward that goal is just as attractive, provided you communicate these to her and let her feel your commitment and drive.

Women love to talk, that’s no surprise. But our culture actually acculturates men to be the strong, silent type. This is the exact opposite of what a woman wants. Women like guys who truly listen to them, give feedback, sympathize and support them emotionally. One of the most attractive things a guy can do is really listen and validate how she is feeling. One of the things guys have a hard time understanding is when it’s time to give advice and when it is time to merely listen and validate. The best way to do this is to always listen, validate her feelings than ask if she wants any advice. Don’t paper over her emotions with male logic or you will put distance between the two of you. Women love social butterflies. If you have a lot of friends or know how to work a room you will draw them in. Be charming, funny and witty. Many a lady has been charmed into bed by a few well-placed jokes. Be chivalrous and respectful. Open the door for her. Put your hand on the small of her back and lead her into or out of a restaurant. She will notice and it will send electric currents of love straight to her heart. Lastly, women want to be desired. Show her how much you want her and care for her. Woo her. Do things for her. Write her love letters, send her flowers for no reason, and surprise her. Follow this advice and the apple of your eye will soon be part of your ambrosia of love.


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