Male Breast Cancer

Male Breast Cancer


Certainly breast cancer is most common in women. But the truth is that men can get it, too ( It is this misconception, that breast cancer is only a female disease that makes it dangerous for men. They don’t think they can get it, ignore the symptoms when they occur and visit a doctor when it is too late, or when treatment is far more severe than it would have been otherwise. The truth is, knowing the symptoms of male breast cancer can save your life, or that of someone you love. So what are they symptoms of male breast cancer? Just like with women, a lump is found in the breast area of the chest. To check for it, lie flat on your back. In this position the muscle tissue of the chest is at its thinnest, so a lump will be easier to detect. Using your three middle fingers on your left hand, begin to examine your right breast. This is done by moving the fingers around in overlapping circular motions. Work slowly from the inside out feeling for any unusual hard lumps. For the muscle and skin mass that is the thinnest, use light pressure when pressing. Increase the pressure’s intensity as you work from thin mass to thicker mass. The firmest pressure should be used on the outside of the breast, closest to the ribs and chest area.

Lots of guys forget to check under the arm. This is a fault, as a lump can just as easily form there. Make sure to check around the breastbone and sternum—the hard bone right in the center of the chest. Don’t ignore the parts near the upper part of the chest and collarbone. Once the one side is complete, begin with the opposite hand on the other side of your chest and use the same procedure. When checking under your arms, examine this area in a standing position. Sitting or standing is recommended. Raise your arm to give yourself total access to that area. Remember that what you are feeling for is an unusual lump. It often doesn’t hurt but you will notice that it feels out of place. You may find other symptoms around the area as well. For instance there may be a puckering or a dimpling of the skin. Your nipple could turn inward or become indented. There even may be a discharge at the nipple area. If you do find a lump, don’t ignore it. Many guys are embarrassed by this. They don’t want to be associated with what is considered a woman’s disease and fear ridicule by friends, coworkers, family members and others. But the truth is that no one who is a considerate human being would do that. Catching cancer early gives you the best chances of success. If you find something, make an appointment with a physician immediately. It just may save your life.


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