Vascular Reconstructive Surgery For ED

Vascular Reconstructive Surgery For ED


It used to be that implants were the go-to procedure for erectile dysfunction. Today, for erectile dysfunction, nonsurgical options are always attempted before surgical ones. But when these options don’t work, there are a few surgical options to choose from. The first is surgical implants. These can be semi-rigid rods, inflatable implants or vascular reconstructive surgery for ED. With the rods, you always have an erection. It can be difficult to conceal. It can be painful and do damage to the skin. It may injure the erection bodies. And if the implantation is not successful, it can get in the way of other treatments. There is also the risk of infection. With inflatable implants the downsides are that they are expensive, they are the most likely method to fail, it can injure the erection bodies or alter them permanently, and it can also impede other treatments if it is not successful. For these reasons some patients opt for the third option, vascular reconstructive surgery for ED. This is reconstructing the blood vessels within the penis. The object is to increase blood flow in order to help a man create and sustain an erection.

Another way it is done is by blocking the veins in the penis. When blood can’t leave the penis, a man can create and sustain an erection. It’s important that no matter what type of surgery you go for, that you discuss your options in depth with your physician or urologist. Be sure to do some research on the internet or in your local library. Talk it over with your partner or loved one before you make your decision. Have a good grasp on the advantages and disadvantages of each one. What’s more, make sure your physician has a good reputation and has performed the surgery many times before undergoing it. The advantages to this type of surgery include not having any implant, having a natural look and a natural erection. If this type of surgery isn’t successful it won’t impede other types of treatment. One drawback is that not many men are good candidates for this type of surgery. You also must undergo extensive testing before the surgery can be performed. There aren’t many medical centers who have experience with this surgery. So you’ll have to do a lot of research and perhaps even travel to the nearest one in order to receive the best care. Though it can be effective, it only lasts for two years, or even less. The price tag is worrisome as well. There are other side effects including numbness, shortening of the penis, risk of infection, painful erections and a distortion of the penis. Talk to your doctor or urologist about this surgery if you are interested in it. See if you might be a good candidate.

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