Special Underwear Safeguards Male Fertility

Special Underwear Safeguards Male Fertility


What underwear you wear can affect your fertility. Most men know that when they are trying to conceive with their partner, they should avoid anything that makes the testicles warmer. Sperm is produced at a lower temperature than the body naturally resides, which is why they hang away from the body and adjust themselves according to the ambient temperature. That means when trying to conceive, one should wear boxers over briefs, avoid hot baths, Jacuzzi’s, the steam room, and the sauna. One place men often fail to consider is their cell phone. How does radiation emitted from a smart phone affect male fertility? This issue has been debated for some time in the medical community. One 2014 University of Exeter study found a link between electromagnetic radiation and a low sperm count. But it was not definitive. Most experts say not to leave your phone in your pocket for long periods of time, just in case. Instead, when you are working or at rest place it on a table, or other hard surface some distance away from you, so as to limit the amount of radiation exposure, particularly the sex organs. The same goes for your tablet or laptop. Work at a table or place a hard surface between you and your lap.


If this doesn’t sound appealing, hit the internet and buy yourself some new drawers. A line of special male undergarments to safeguard male fertility is now available for purchase. It is called Wireless Armour underwear. Sir Richard Branson called them “underpants for superheroes.” The manufacturer says this underwear line protects the male sex organs from the kind of radiation emitted from laptops, tablets, or cell phones. A pure silver mesh has been woven into each pair, making them 99.9% effective against such radiation. British scientist Joseph Perkin invented them. Perkin said he became increasingly aware over the years that his personal electronic devices were exposing him to more and more radiation. With his background in physics, he went to work devising a simple solution. Radiation exposure is not the only possible cause of male infertility. Many things may cause it. Couples who haven’t conceived after six months to a year of unprotected sex should each seek out a physician. The man should check his wardrobe, but also with an urologist.

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