Sex Myths Debunked

Sex Myths Debunked


Most people by a certain age feel like they know everything about sex. But there are a lot of myths out there too that seem to persist even when someone is older. See how much bedroom knowledge you possess. Here are common sex myths debunked. Most men think that sex is more pleasurable when one is young. Though it may be more rigorous when you are a young buck, middle-aged and even older men report having far more physically and emotionally fulfilling sex lives. Melanie Davis, PhD, CSE a sexuality education consultant says, “There’s less emphasis on quick orgasms and more focus on sensuality, creativity, and emotional connection.” Lots of guys think condoms are no fun. But actually, they can help make it a more pleasurable experience for both parties. 68% of guys use the wrong condom size and shape according to a survey conducted by When they tried on a variety of condoms and found the one that was right for them, their sexual pleasure increased significantly. Some guys think the route to a woman’s orgasm is through intercourse. But 75% of women don’t climax this way. Generally, direct clitoral stimulation is needed to make her have the big O. Davis says, “If couples want to climax simultaneously during intercourse, the best bet is for one of them to use their fingers or a vibrator to bring some joy to the clitoris.”

Some believe that women are naturally monogamous, while men are not. But Deboarah Anapol, Ph.D a relationship coach says, “Women are heavily socialized to restrict their sexual attraction to one guy at a time, but women’s biology and personality are both well-suited to multiple partners—more so than men’s.” Others believe that men naturally have a stronger libido than women. Anapol says, “Women can become disinterested as a result of childhood abuse, unaddressed relationship issues, or demands of children and work, but a sexually satisfied woman is a happy, loving woman.” Many men think that they have to have an orgasm to enjoy sex. However, it is possible to orgasm without ejaculation. Tantric sex practices can teach you this. What’s more, many men prefer to orgasm without ejaculation. If your partner puts too much pressure on having you ejaculate, and you don’t feel the need, sit them down and talk with them about it. Tell them how you feel and why you feel that way. Lots of guys think an erection is necessary to enjoy sexual pleasure. But it may not have to be. There are lots of forms of play, and indeed foreplay that get her engine running before intercourse. Still, if you are having erectile issues be sure to see a physician or specialist as it may be a sign of a deeper issue. Lastly, most guys think the bigger their unit, the better. But it’s really not the case. “Compatibility of size is the real barometer,” says Anapol. “A big penis and a small vagina are not a happy combination. Further, knowing how to use the penis skillfully is more important than size.”


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