Large Penis Misconceptions

Large Penis Misconceptions


Penis anxiety is rampant in our culture. Ask any man you know well enough their size and see how many tell you average, or even small. The idea of being told you have a small penis is an absolute affront to a man’s masculinity. But how much does the size of one’s unit really count in the bedroom, and how much is part of a large penis misconception weaved into the fabric of our society? Studies have shown that size doesn’t equate to a better relationship or more sexual satisfaction on the part of partners. It could make a partner feel gratitude and you confidence. But it could also lead to overconfidence, meaning one doesn’t listen to and isn’t in tune with one’s partner, in which case the partner’s satisfaction diminishes. One Kenyan survey found that wives were more likely to cheat if their husband’s member was too large, as it caused too much pain, so they weren’t able to feel sexual pleasure or satisfaction. Though many men in our culture and a few women called “size queens” are also obsessed with large penises, most women find that they take a lot of preparation for. What’s more, it isn’t always comfortable or even pleasurable for them.  Men’s Health columnist Nicole Beland said, “Yes, we care about the size of a man’s penis. But when it comes to sexual satisfaction, it’s pretty far down on our list of priorities.”

A recent Australian National University study recently stated that women like bigger penises. But what the media failed to focus on was that the results found that what women prefer is within the range of average to slightly bigger than average. Female attraction actually declined after a certain size. Women also preferred this average to larger size in proportion to a man’s body. They preferred slightly taller men and the size corresponded. This goes with the generally accepted view, though not scientifically accepted that proportionality is attractive, as much as body symmetry is. Though pornography has come to glorify large penises, porn certainly is not real life. In fact, many young men growing up in the age of always accessible internet porn get many misconceptions about sex from these videos. Instead of letting porn tell you what sex should be like, or what preferences people should have, why not investigate what you and your partner like yourselves? It should be a wonderful, exciting journey rather than an anxiety ridden checklist-oriented activity. Some women find that men with large penises though exciting can’t live up to the hype they’ve been given. Sex is not only about penetration. Only one quarter of women can orgasm through regular sex. Most need digital or oral stimulation to reach climax. What’s more, there are techniques to satisfy a woman you can use no matter your size. To truly be the best lover, it isn’t the equipment you’re carrying. What makes the best lover is being relaxed, confident, positive, giving, responsive, open-minded and generous with your partner.


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