Men’s Clinic Finds Link Between ED And Blood Pressure Meds, Offers Alternatives

Men’s Clinic Finds Link Between ED And Blood Pressure Meds, Offers Alternatives


The Carolina Men’s Clinic staff sees erectile dysfunction (ED) cases daily. Because of this, Dr. Hansen and his crew have a deep understanding of the condition and what might be causing it. Medication as a cause of ED has become a preoccupation of the organization. The clinic’s Matt Gillogy told WKRG News, “Erectile dysfunction often has a psychological component, but in the case of high blood pressure medications and their side effects, the root of the problem is entirely chemical.” So how does the clinic help? Gillogy says, “We offer solutions that allow men to keep taking their prescribed medications while also recapturing some of their lost masculinity. No referral is needed, and our team respects the privacy of all patients.” Being unable to get enough blood to the extremities, including the penis, is one of the big causes of erectile dysfunction. Men age 50 and above often deal with high blood pressure. “High blood pressure and its consequences are something we see every day at the Carolina Men’s Clinic,” Gillogy says. “Men don’t realize that a pill they’re taking to treat one condition may be exacerbating another one.”


Gillogy says that taking high blood pressure medication itself may sap a man’s confidence and in this way undermine his bedroom performance. There is usually a mechanical reason at work however. But each medication affects the body differently. Beta blockers for instance are a typical treatment for hypertension. The way these medicines cause ED is that they block the signals to the brain that ask it to initiate an erection. Those who take beta blockers are also often deficient in the mineral zinc, which is critical in the production of testosterone. Those who take a water pill, also known as a diuretic, decrease blood flow in the body, including to the penis. Some men who experience ED do anything they can to alleviate the symptoms. Others clam up and go into denial. Some men scour the internet for online pharmacies and purchase unregulated alternative supplements. Gillogy warns against these, as they may have dire consequences to your health. Lots of men wait and see if the issue will improve on its own. Clinicians warn however that serious health issues can underlie the problem. It is a medical issue so it is important to see a physician right away if you are experiencing ED.

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