Getting To Know The Penis

Getting To Know The Penis


You’ve had it all your life and it’s given you hours upon hours of pleasure. But besides human anatomy 101, what do you really know about your penis? For instance, can you break your penis? The answer may surprise you. You can break it, even though it contains no bones. An erection is caused by chambers in the male member filling with blood. How it happens then is if you end up bending it too far forward or pushing it too far you can risk tearing one or more of those chambers. It can also happen during intercourse should you slip out and be crushed against your partner. This experience can be quite painful. You may even hear a popping sound. The penis will be bruised and swollen afterward. Treatment may require surgery. Here are some other interesting facts you run into when getting to know the penis. The age when erection first occurs is generally under one year of age. Babies can even have them in the womb, viewed under ultrasound. Any stimulation can cause them. They aren’t sexual. Even a diaper change can make it happen. What do you do if you have an erection that lasts longer than four hours? You physician may suggest getting up and climbing the stairs. The reason is exercise such as this can pull blood away from the penis and get the erection to go down.


Have you ever noticed what appear to be little bumps, like goose bumps running down the shaft? Some guys get nervous about these. The truth is they are quite normal. They are usually either ingrown hairs or acne. Little rings may inhabit the head of the penis as well. These are called pearly penile papules. If new bumps form below the skin’s surface or something begins to ooze, bleed or hurt see a doctor right away. Many guys, especially after watching porn with the humongous trunks those guys have feel inadequate about their size. But most guys don’t have a clue what the average size even is. Five to seven inches is the average. A lot of this too has to do with point of view. It looks bigger to a partner than to you. Since you’re looking down and there’s an angle there is sort of an optical illusion at play from your perspective. It’s normal to feel a slight concern. But some guys get obsessed. Enter a psychological condition called penile dysmorphic disorder. This is when a normal sized guy is obsessed with the feeling that he doesn’t measure up. This condition is quite similar to those suffering from anorexia and think that no matter what they just aren’t thin enough. Lastly, there is an old saying that the size of a man’s feet, hands, or other body parts correspond to his penis size. This is unduly false. There is no correlation.

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