How to Overcome Lack of Confidence about Penis Size

How to Overcome Lack of Confidence about Penis Size


Our society puts a lot of weight on penis size. Though 85% of men are average, according to a recent British study, the media, internet porn and other sources have pushed men into thinking they need to be huge in order to be significant. In reality, it only takes four inches to satisfy a woman during intercourse. And most don’t orgasm via penetration anyway. Instead, they need clitoral stimulation to reach climax. So size really isn’t the focal concern it seems to be. Yet, many men have difficulty overcoming the lack of confidence about their penis size. Here are some tips on how to make yourself feel more confident and give her the time of her life. First, realize that if used properly, sex experts say a four and a half inch penis can feel just as satisfying as the six inch variety. With this new information, feel confident. If you can’t, fake it until you make it. Chances are if you can turn her on with your confidence, your wit, personality and through wooing her, she will be too busy gushing over you to care about what you are packing.


When the time comes to be intimate together, spend a lot of time getting her in the mood. Most men only make a cursory attempt at foreplay. In fact,warming up a woman is one of the best things you can do. Begin foreplay way before you get into the boudoir.  Give her a long hug.  Romance her. Pay her compliments. Give her a massage. Make her feel good. Then move on to making out with her. Once in the bedroom, slow down. Kiss her and touch her all over. Make her the focus, not you. Find out what kind of pillow talk she prefers and use it. Give her some clitoral stimulation before penetration. You don’t have to reveal yourself to her, especially the first time. In fact, lots of women like to do it in the dark. During intercourse, vary your technique. Utilize positions to make the most out of intercourse. Doggie style, the rabbit, the snake, the antelope and V-formation are all great positions for those who feel they are less endowed.  With the proper strategy and technique you can satisfy any woman no matter what you are packing.

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