Foreplay Techniques She’ll Crave

Foreplay Techniques She’ll Crave



Men are ready at the flip of a switch. Women however take some time to get in the mood both physically and psychologically. As a guy it’s your job to warm up her engine. Foreplay isn’t always easy. It takes time, patience and forethought to pull off right. Of course it all depends on what mood she’s in, what she’s doing, if it’s a good time. Women are complicated. What you need to do is strike at the right time. Not when she’s first come in the door from work, but after supper, say when you’re getting cozy on the couch. But that’s not enough. You also need the right approach. Here are some foreplay techniques that she will crave, upping your chances of success, and making it a wild ride. Remember how hot it was to make out on the couch as teenagers? Why does that have to end? Don’t try to take her clothes off just yet. Don’t let the pressure of sex weigh on her. Instead take some time. Tease her and let her feel how excited she makes you. What really turns a woman on is being desired. If you can make her feel how much you want her, she’ll want you back. Keep ramping it up and she’ll want you so bad.

Why not sext with her earlier in the day? Don’t outline every detail. Instead, add in a little mystery. Let her imagination start to work. Remember that some women don’t like it if you are too graphic. Err on the side of subtlety. The mind is where it all begins. So if you can, get her all riled up before she even gets home, if she’s turned on when she comes to see you, half the battle is already won. And who doesn’t like it when a turned on female shows up at your door? If you are out and about together, do secret naughty things to her. That will get her so turned on. Slip your hand up her shirt when sitting in a darkened theater. Work your hand up her thigh at the coffee house. Play footsie under the table when out at the bar with friends. Pull her into darkened corners and kiss her passionately. When you’re at a show or concert, slip your hand down her pants and play with her a little. Chances are you’ll be driving to a secluded spot or jumping right in the back seat because neither one of you can wait until you get home. The number one rule in foreplay is to take your time. Think of foreplay as enjoying the courses to a fine meal. Don’t rush through the appetizer and main course just to get to dessert. Savor each and every course. She’ll be quivering in your arms if you are passionately touching and kissing her all over. With dirty talk, remember a little goes a long way. Compliment her then say something naughty in a low and sexy tone. Whisper it breathlessly in her ear and she’ll be all over you.

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