Drinks that Increase or Dampen your Sex Drive

Drinks that Increase or Dampen your Sex Drive



When it comes time to order a drink, do you ever consider your sex life in the decision? Most men don’t. But what’s in your cup may be ramping up your libido or killing it. Lots of times when we have a drink, we never even consider how it will affect our sex drive. But believe it or not, what’s filling your glass may give you a boost or hinder your desire, even your ability to perform. Here are some drinks that increase your sex drive and others that dampen it. A lot of guys use booze to loosen up, shake off the jitters and get into the mood. But in fact, it can have the opposite effect, making you too sluggish to “get-it-on.” One or two drinks might be okay, but any more than that and you are risking a night of celibacy. For those who have functioning issues, perhaps skip the alcohol altogether. Whatever you do, don’t have a gin and tonic. Quinine, the active ingredient in tonic, was shown to lower testosterone in one German study.

The cooler months bring with them a delicious treat, apple cider. Try it warm with some cinnamon and cloves. Cinnamon is a proven libido booster for men, and cloves give the reproductive system an overall boost. Some guys are soda guys. No matter where they go, they always order a cola. But all of that sugar isn’t good for your waistline. Extra body fat sucks up testosterone, lowering your sex drive and functionality. For those who opt for diet soda, look out for the artificial sweetener, aspartame. This has been proven to lower sex drive. Why not sweeten some lemon seltzer or fresh iced tea with honey instead? Honey aids in the production of testosterone and so helps stoke the fires of desire. Try honey in ginseng tea. Ginseng was shown in one South Korean study to go so far as to reverse ED. Now that you know, you can select a beverage that will get your engine running, instead of having one that revs but never starts.

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