Do Male Enhancements Work?

Do Male Enhancements Work?


There are lots of male enhancements out there from ointments to pills, devices to supplements. Some say they enhance libido, others bedroom proficiency and stamina, and still others claim to elongate the penis. Men are insecure about their size and sexual performance. But do male enhancements work? Some could be effective while others could be dangerous to your health. One system that some medical sources have given a nod to, though it hasn’t been tested extensively is the FastSize Extender. This acceptance by many in the medical community is actually a rare occurrence. Most male enhancement systems don’t work and there are those that are even hazardous. Medical experts believe that instead of turning to gimmicks in magazines why not discuss the issue with your doctor? Though it can initially feel embarrassing, your physician is there to help and will give you expert analysis and information. What’s more, sexual issues can sometimes be early warning signs to serious health issues.  So sharing this information with your physician can actually help stave off or mitigate a more serious problem. Erectile dysfunction for instance can be a warning sign for cardiovascular disease. But catching it early can not only reverse the problem, it could even save your life.male_enhancement_pills

Besides the FastSize Extender, there is penis –lengthening surgery. This procedure however is controversial. The most common form which cuts the ligament supporting the penis is not recommended by The American Urological Association as it hasn’t been proven to be safe or effective. There is another surgery which injects fat cells into the penis in order to increase its girth. But this procedure isn’t backed by the AUA either. In fact many physicians think the risks outweigh the benefits. One study conducted in 2006 found that only 35% of men were satisfied with penis elongating surgery. Most only gained about half an inch. What physicians say is that these men have unrealistic expectations. They should seek counseling for this over-preoccupation with penis size. Though many herbal supplements are on the market today, most have not been tested by the FDA for safety or effectiveness. In terms of size, it’s important to note that one study has shown 85% of women are satisfied with the size of their partner. Somehow this doesn’t jive with the 45% of men who want a bigger penis. Since most men are between 5.5 inches and 6.2 inches, the vast majority are average. What’s more, most of the nerves in the vagina are near the surface, so most men carry the right equipment to satisfy their partner. It is how they use that equipment that really matters.

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