Discuss STDs With A New Partner Before Sex

Discuss STDs With A New Partner Before Sex


Most men usually know when it is coming. You have been out a few times and really like each other. It is only a matter of time before you sleep together. But before you two get between the sheets, you need to find out more about your partner, to safeguard your health and theirs. It’s important to discuss STDs with any new sex partner before you engage in intercourse. It can be really uncomfortable doing so. But if the conversation is approached in the right manner, they will know that you have both of your best interests at heart and they may even grow fonder of you. First, let them know if you have ever been tested for an STD. Everyone should be tested at least once in their life for HIV, for instance. Those who take part in risky sexual behavior should be tested more often. If you haven’t had such a test, get one. But you should talk to your partner-to-be about getting tested too, if they haven’t already done so. Some women believe they are tested as part of their annual exam. But this is not true. Most physicians don’t screen for STDs unless specifically asked to do so, or if their patient comes in complaining of particular symptoms.

A good place to start the conversation is to let them know how you feel about them, and that you think they feel the same way. Since your relationship is progressing into a new area, it’s important that the two of you know certain details about one another. Let them know when your last HIV test was, if you are seeing anyone else and if you have ever had an STD. After divulging such information and telling them you are letting them know because you care about them, they will naturally feel obligated to follow suit. Instead of asking them to divulge first and being thought of as rude or too forward, you’ve disarmed them because you’ve told them your side first. Since you have shown openness and vulnerability, they will feel comfortable enough, obliged even to do the same. Let them know how you feel about them, that you want your relationship to be open and honest. You want to take all measures to make sure both of you will be healthy, safe and happy. This doesn’t mean you are moving into a committed relationship per se. But it does mean, if you are planning to sleep together, that your relationship is moving to a different level and this is the way to make sure that the transition is done in the best possible way for the two of you.

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