Dirty Talk on the Phone

Dirty Talk on the Phone


If you have the right relationship with someone who is sexually liberated and interested in sex, dirty talk on the phone can really enhance your mutual experience. But even with a normal girl, if you think you can’t talk dirty to her, or talk dirty on the phone to her, chances are you’re wrong. The difference is that men are ready to go really quickly. You have to work a woman into the mood. But beyond that, you also have to make her feel emotionally secure with you. Don’t try this too early in the relationship if you are dating someone who is into long-term relationships and wants to be your girlfriend. But in a hookup kind of relationship or a long term relationship it can really make things sizzling hot. One mistake lots of guys make is making the girl think he’s only interested in sex with her. You have to show a general interest first and lead her subtly toward the subject. If you jump right in, she’ll suspect you don’t really want to hear what she has to say, she’ll be annoyed, her guard will be up and your chances will be slim. Instead, talk to her about what she wants to talk about. Wait until the important issues or what happened that day come out and then turn the conversation seemingly innocently in your favor.


One way to do it is to talk about something you find that’s attractive about her. Compliment her on something unique that you like about her. Just tell her it’s something you were thinking about. Now she’s feeling special and her guard is down. Now trying complimenting something physical about her. Make it something unique about her physique. Her eyes, her smile are good but what about them? Don’t make them general. She’ll think you’ve said this to a hundred girls. “I love the curve of your fingers. When we hold hands, it just feels so right.” Don’t say it if it’s not true. Women have built in b.s. detectors. “I love how your lower lip is so full and pouty, it makes me want to kiss them.” Now this isn’t exactly sexual but we’ve increased the level here. Now she’s going from feeling special to kind of hot. Ask her what she’s wearing now, or better yet what kind of underwear she’s wearing. Ask her how the material feels against her skin. Tell her she makes you think naughty thoughts. When she asks you what explain it to her in a slow, subdued manner resting on every detail. Ask her about her fantasies. What does she want you to do to her? Tell her what you want to do to her. Keep the focus on her. Tell her you want to give her so much pleasure by going down on her or whatever she really likes. Now it’s time to turn this into phone sex, put on the webcam or rush over to her place to fulfill those wild fantasies you’ve both been whispering to one another.

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