At What Age do Guys Have the Best Sex?

At What Age do Guys Have the Best Sex?


It’s a question that’s been asked for a long time from a lot of different men. Some say it happens in the late teen years, others when a man in financially secure but right before he gets married. But what does science say? At what age do most guys have the best sex? According to recent research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine men generally get it the most between the ages of 25 and 29. Men in their late 20’s on average have sex three times a week. After 50 years of age the amount of sex the average man receives drops off, averaging 1.22 times per week. But that doesn’t mean the best quality sex is behind you. In fact, your sex life can be robust up into the golden years. Urologist J. Stephen Jones, M.D., F.A.C.S., at the Cleveland Clinic says that the strength of a man’s relationship, physical and mental health are far larger determining factors than how many years a man has under his belt. A stale relationship, higher stress, and physical ailments are often what get in the way. To ensure a good sex life at any stage in life follow this advice.


The first thing to ensure is penile health, and that is generally the same as staying heart healthy. Exercise, eat right and limit alcohol intake. If you do smoke, quit. Also, maintain a healthy bodyweight. European Journal of Endocrinology published a study in 2011 that found the more abdominal fat a man carried, the higher his chances of developing erectile dysfunction (ED). According to Dr. Jones, “And if you want to ensure sexual dysfunction early in life, smoking is the way to do it.” Healthy sexual function is all about blood-flow and testosterone levels. Making sure you live a heart-healthy lifestyle will keep you fit but also keep your sexual health in tiptop shape. As a man ages his equipment changes. It is not something to freak out about. But he may not wake up with a morning erection like he used to. It may take longer to get erect. It may not be as hard as it used to be and it may take more time after orgasm to be ready to go again, what is called the refractory period. Instead of focusing on how things have changed, incorporate more foreplay and more digital and oral play before moving on to the main event. Make it not a means to an end but an enjoyable time to be had together. Another problem is lack of sexual confidence. Talk about this with your partner, your doctor, or if it is significant perhaps a therapist.

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