A No-Scalpel Vasectomy Coming Soon

A No-Scalpel Vasectomy Coming Soon


Some couples decide they don’t want a family. Others have had enough children. Whatever your reason there are two solutions, either effectively using a form of birth control or one of you undergoing a sterilization operation. Implants, IUDs and the pill all have risks. Many men and some women don’t really like condoms. So an operation may be a good option. The issue now is someone has to undergo surgery. Usually in America it is the woman who does so. Sterilization procedures are done 2.5 times more to women than to men. But having the tubes tied is more risky and expensive. Luckily, today we have no-scalpel vasectomies, making the operation a whole lot easier.  Still, experts wonder if more men will opt for this surgery. Nathaniel M. Fried, PhD interviewed by WebMD said, “With the current incisionless approach, one still has to make a puncture in the skin,” Assistant professor of urology at Johns Hopkins University Nathaniel M. Fried, PhD tells WebMD “We are trying to take things one step further. We want to completely avoid bleeding and scrotal pain.” Though it’s not a procedure which is available yet, animal studies are currently being conducted. A company has also stepped in with a desire to see human studies in the near future.


A vasectomy performed today is when the vas deferens, a tube running from the testicles and into the semen, is snipped and either tied off or cauterized.This blocks the sperm from entering the semen. There are two tubes which must be snipped. Semen production and sexual functioning carry on as normal. The no-scalpel method Fried is developing uses a water balloon with chilled water running through it over the skin in order to cool it. Next a clamp is used to hold the vas deferens steady. Ultrasound waves are then applied to the sperm delivering tube. Fried says, “The idea is to heat up or cook the vas. It immediately cooks the tissue so that the vas closes. Then healing of the tissue creates scar tissue that further blocks the vas.” A regular vasectomy is usually a same-day procedure. There may be a little pain, bleeding, swelling and tenderness. But a man can take a weekend to recuperate and go back to work Monday. What’s more, he can take part in physical activity a week after surgery. For most men it’s the fear of the unknown, and the fear of pain that inhibits their desire for a vasectomy. But take the negative side effects out of the equation and a lot more guys may have this procedure done.

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