Are Semen Volume Enhancement Pills Effective?

Are Semen Volume Enhancement Pills Effective?


There are lots of pills on the market today that say they can enhance the volume or amount of sperm in a man’s semen. The idea is that this increase will make him more fertile and increase a couple’s chances at conceiving. What’s more, they claim to increase his masculinity, bedroom prowess, even the strength of his orgasm. But are semen volume enhancing pills effective? First a little background. The range for normal semen volume is 2ml to 5ml per ejaculation. A man’s volume peaks between 30 and 35 years of age. His sperm volume is the lowest after age 55. Sperm count and volume has been decreasing in industrialized countries worldwide for over a decade now, what the media has called the “sperm crisis.” One recent study has linked this to the use of aluminum. This “sperm crisis” may mean it is more difficult for couples to conceive today. But it all depends on the couple. There are companies selling semen volume enhancement pills. But these are not effective. Overall, sperm volume changes little within the semen itself.


Men believe that increasing semen volume will increase their chances of conception. There are a lot of factors involved in conceiving a child. It is a complex issue. Certainly, this is to be brought up with a urologist or fertility specialist. Increasing the amount released during ejaculation doesn’t make one more masculine. Nor does it increase the pleasure of one’s partner. Some men believe that the more they ejaculate, the stronger their orgasm. This is also a fallacy. In fact, some of the strongest orgasms in tantric sex come from holding back one’s orgasm, not in the amount released. Sperm only makes up 1-10% of semen. An increase in semen volume is liable to take place from a period of abstinence from intercourse or masturbation, rather than a commercially sold supplement. Medical experts believe that it is not possible to increase semen volume at this time through any method known to medical science. Ignore ads on the internet that say you can do so merely by taking a pill. Instead, if you and your partner have been trying for one year and have not conceived, seek the help of a medical professional.

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