A Few Unseemly Options for Male Enhancement

A Few Unseemly Options for Male Enhancement


Ads for increasing the length and size of the penis flood the internet. Few of us have to be told that most if not all are illegitimate. These products and procedures can cause unseemly side effects, while hardly any gain in size or girth is achieved. For instance, researchers at the University of Turin in Italy investigated male enhancement procedures in two studies. The first contained 121 male subjects, the second 109.


These scientists concluded that the vast majority of procedures were too dangerous and risked serious complications. Moreover, for most men seeking these surgeries or devices, the problem is not in their pants but in their head. One 2005 study with 92 male participants found that although each went to a physician for enhancement, none actually had a small penis. The majority of men are average in size according to a recent British study. Small is considered 3 in. (7.6 cm) when erect. Anything above that is normal. Media focus on size, societal pressure to be above average in everything, mistaken impressions from porn, and general male confusion over what the average size looks like fuel this phenomenon. Still, Italian researchers did come across a few options that had positive results.

One was the “traction method.” Here a penis stretcher was attached to the member each day. The penis was then put in traction for four to six hours over the course of four months. The end result was a gain of 0.67 in. (1.7 cm) when erect. In one small study, penoscrotal rings were utilized. These squeeze the scrotum and base of the penis, increasing size and helping a man to maintain an erection. Another option was using a penis pump daily. This is a vacuum tube which is placed over the penis. A hand pump creates suction, engorging the penis with blood. Healthy men found this option to be painful and the gain less than significant. There are certain procedures in the works such as injectable enlargement products. But these have some time before they hit the market.

Any man truly dissatisfied with his size should discuss the matter with a doctor or urologist, get some perspective, and see what his options truly are.

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