Worried About ED? Look at Your Diet

Worried About ED? Look at Your Diet



Lots of things can cause erectile dysfunction. But the most common is the onset of heart disease. In this case, ED is generally brought on by a poor diet and lack of exercise. Foods high in fat, sugar, and cholesterol add to the buildup of plaque on artery walls.

Since the arteries that supply the penis with blood and create an erection are much smaller than those in other parts of the body, they tend to clog up first, which is why physicians count ED as an early symptom to a more pressing problem. If left unchecked, it could lead to a heart attack or stroke. Too much sugar in the diet, along with a lack of exercise and being obese, can also lead to type 2 diabetes. If left uncontrolled, the elevated sugar level can damage nerves and tissues, including the nerves which cause an erection. So diet can lead to ED in that sense as well.

Obesity may also cause a lack of testosterone. This is a crucial hormone for the sex drive and erection formation. Fat cells trap testosterone. But the body does not make more, thinking that there is enough in the system. In this way, a high fat diet can also affect male fertility, as a certain level of testosterone is required for proper sperm production. One’s diet should consist mostly of fruits and vegetables.

When you look at your plate, two-thirds of it should be from produce. Lean proteins such as chicken or fish, and whole grains are also important, and should make up the other third. Red meat and high fat or high caloric foods can be eaten occasionally, red meat just once per week. But the majority of one’s diet should be healthful. With the right diet and cardiovascular exercise, most of the time, ED can be avoided. If you are already experiencing the condition, be sure to talk to a doctor or urologist. A serious medical condition could be causing it. Take heart. There are also many treatment options. One is sure to help you.

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