Ways to Increase your Sexual Stamina

Ways to Increase your Sexual Stamina


Some men worry about satisfying their partners. Others just want to gain an edge in the bedroom, and impress. Whatever your reason, there are ways to increase your sexual stamina. First, consider how you approach the bedroom. Lots of men have all kinds of expectations. If you do, you can be disappointed. It can also limit the spontaneity of the situation. Jettison these expectations. Instead, be open, giving, loving and receptive to your partner and their needs. Next, take a look at the lubrication situation. Lots of guys who use condoms don’t think extra lube is necessary. Condoms often come lubed. But a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine concluded that those men who used lube, in addition to a condom, lasted longer in bed. One thing women often complain about is that men don’t spend enough time on foreplay. But a guy who really wants to satisfy should listen and include more of it into his repertoire. Kissing, touching, digital and oral stimulation can all add to the experience, and heighten her arousal. The more aroused she gets, the more likely she is to climax.


Many guys masturbate but without much purpose save that it feels good. Instead, why not use masturbation as a way to learn about your body? What areas are the ones that feel the best? What area of your penis, when stimulated, causes you to orgasm? The more you learn about your body, the easier it will be to control your own orgasm or stave it off, if need be. Sometimes when we have a romantic night planned, we go out to dinner with our lover and consume way more than we should. Too much food can make you drowsy and not in the mood for love. An overindulgence of alcohol also kills one’s performance. Try not to overeat or drink too much, and see an improvement in relations later on in the evening. There are exercises you can use to stave off orgasm, if you come too quickly. Kegel exercises for instance, can help avoid peaking too soon. Learn how to strengthen your pelvic floor by using them. Lastly, get enough sleep. A lack of sleep can make you irritable and obliterate your sex drive.  Follow this simple advice and stay attuned to your partner and you both will soon be enjoying explosive, life-affirming sex whenever the mood strikes.

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