The Not-So-Incredible Shrinking Penis

The Not-So-Incredible Shrinking Penis


The size of a man’s member means a lot in our society. Most men know about shrinkage. Whether or not women do is another matter. That famous episode of George Canstanza being walked in on, on “Seinfeld” comes to mind. Most men know that cold water temporarily causes shrinkage. This is because the cold forces the penis to move closer inside the body, in order to remain warm. Of course, this state causes no permanent damage whatsoever. There are other causes however, which can also affect both length and width. Some are temporary. Taking care of your member and your health can help you avoid it. One place not to worry about this phenomenon is when working out. During exercise, blood rushes to the muscles to give them oxygen and nutrients. When this happens, other areas become smaller. That doesn’t mean any damage is dealt. In fact, exercise overall is one of the healthiest things you can do.shrinkage

Being overweight may make the penis look smaller. But the extra fat around the pubic area doesn’t actually shrink the organ. It just hides it, somewhat. In fact, losing weight will make it look bigger. These have been temporary issues so far. Instead, long-term shrinkage is actually penis atrophy, and that spells trouble. The tissue of the penis reduces due to a serious health issue. One such thing that can cause it is smoking. Not only does ingesting tobacco hurt performance, and cause ED, it can also create visible shrinkage in girth and length. This is because toxins in tobacco hurt nerves, muscles, and blood vessels in the penis, and elsewhere in the body. Quitting may restore lost size. Penis tissue needs a constant supply of blood to bring it oxygen and nutrients. Poor circulation can limit these things, causing there to be less tissue in the most important of areas. Eating healthier and exercising can help improve circulation. A low level of testosterone limits the amount of erections a man has. Without a periodic rush of blood to the area, the tissue atrophies. Peyronie’s disease, usually an arc to the penis due to a buildup of scar tissue, can cause the inability to have sex, pain, and shrinkage. If you have this, see a doctor right away. Lastly, simple aging shrinks many areas of the body. The penis is sometimes one of them. Keep up a healthy lifestyle and you will maintain sexual and overall health. And the next time you change after swimming, make sure the door is locked.

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