The Latest on ED

The Latest on ED


Years ago erectile dysfunction was called impotence. It wasn’t treatable and men felt ashamed of this condition. In the 1990’s Viagra and a new term, erectile dysfunction (ED), which was meant to take out the sting and stigma attached to the condition, were created. Today, there are many ways to treat ED, and many more are in the works. What’s more, there is a lot more awareness and acceptance of the condition nowadays. So men should feel more comfortable discussing the issue with a doctor or urologist. Due to the saturation of ED advertising campaigns taken up by big pharma lots more research has been and is being conducted in the area of erectile dysfunction.  2013 itself offered a whole host of anniversaries to landmark breakthroughs in the field. It was the 15th anniversary since the time Viagra was approved by the food and drug administration. It was the thirtieth anniversary of penile injections and the fortieth anniversary of implants. Recently the director and president of the San Diego-based Institute for Sexual Medicine, Irwin Goldstein, gave an interview with U.S. News uncovering the latest on ED. “The most studied drug on the planet” is Viagra according to Goldstein. He was the lead researcher in an initial study of ED’s most famous treatment.


Viagra itself has proven very safe and effective. The doctor does say to steer clear of operators selling knockoff drugs online. Counterfeit drugs may contain dangerous ingredients. Printer ink and commercial grade paint are just some of the examples of substances that have been found in these drugs. 77% of the time these shady operators say they are selling Viagra but send a counterfeit instead says Goldstein, which he uncovered in his work with mega drug company Pfizer. Any online site selling drugs should be accredited through the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, via their system called the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites. Remember that ED can be the early symptom of a more important underlying health issue. Goldstein says, “We call it the canary in the coal mine. It is an early glimpse of the health of your vasculature.” As one ages, the chances of developing ED are greater. As you get older your blood vessels get more clogged up with plaque, limiting blood flow to the penis. If there is one thing an erection needs it’s blood flow. 80-90% of men who have a heart attack have ED.Lifestyle changes like eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly are so important.An “explosion” of research according to Goldstein is leading to the development of new medications. One called avanasil is taken right as one is engaging in activity, not like current medications which you take in hopes that intercourse will occur.

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