Sexy Games to Rekindle the Spark

Sexy Games to Rekindle the Spark


Does your love life need a little reigniting? Or do you want to surprise your partner with something that will make them run back for more? Why not invest in a sexy game to rekindle the spark or stoke the flames of desire? There are lots of products on the market to try. You can go to a romantic items boutique in your local area. Or you can shop for and purchase items online. Lots of places disguise where you bought it from. So no need of getting embarrassed if someone sees your receipt or credit card statement, and you won’t be tipping off your lover either. Why not pick up a pair of sexy dice? They have kinds for role play and more. Decks of cards are available too. One card game, much like war declares that the loser should remove a piece of clothing, or do delightful little teasing things to their partner. There are lots of risqué board and party games out there to try. Who doesn’t love a game of Twister, a game that got your teenage pulse racing when getting a little close to someone on the mat? Well today they have Twister bed sheets. It comes with two pillow cases, a flat sheet and a fitted sheet. It’s fun to get all twisted up in bed together. Though it’s no longer in production, you can still find it in boutiques and on Ebay.


Darts for foreplay is fun. Those sharp points flying through the air and wondering where they will land will give you a thrill. It’s like a normal dartboard. But instead of points your lover receives commands such as “Rub my neck,” “Kiss my navel” and “Remove your shirt.” These orders get hotter and hotter the closer you get to the bulls eye, as it should be.  Do you remember playing with the Magic 8-ball? Now there is a hot pink dating version. You can shake it and say things like “Does my date want to make out with me?” Squeal when you hear answers like “Absolutely!” or “No Way!” Why not take your sweetie by the hand and head off to Spencer’s, a love boutique or your local mall to scout out what is available? If you want to set up one of your own, why not a sexy scavenger hunt? You can set up clues all over the house. And the prize at the end can be you. Strip poker is an oldie but goodie. Put a new spin on spin the bottle. Or play a board game you already have but add in your own tantalizing twist. Put your imagination to the test.

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