Why Sexting Can Make Your Sex Life Even Hotter

Why Sexting Can Make Your Sex Life Even Hotter


Sending nudes might lead to better sex: 61 percent of people who send daily sexts report feeling very satisfied with their sex life, according to a new survey of 2,000 men and women from DrEd.com, a health and sexual wellness site based in the UK.

But you don’t need to exchange sexy pics daily to reap the benefits. Of the people who reported sending sexts weekly, 42 percent reported feeling happy with their sex life—and even 33 percent of people who sent a sext just a few times a month were happiest between the sheets, too.

The link? You don’t need to be in bed to turn her on. Anything you do that builds arousal (yes, even consensual sexting between two adults) counts as foreplay, which plays a big role in making sex feel better for her—which in turn, makes sex better for you.

“For some people, sexting conjures up images of a shamed Anthony Weiner, but for many others it conjures up an intoxicating mix of hormones that stimulate their sex drive and adds to the intensity of their sexual encounters,” says marriage and family therapist Paul Hokemeyer, Ph.D.

“This is because our largest sex organ is our brain. By taking and sharing the most intimate parts of our bodies with our mate, we heighten our awareness of what we have to offer—and what there is to receive,” he adds.“ It’s an incredibly sensual process that focuses our minds to optimize our sexual pleasure.” (Here are 10 moves that are even hotter than sexting.)

Men were more likely to send full nude or genital shots, while women focused on other assets, like their breasts and butt, the survey found.

Just keep in mind that she may not be into it until she can trust you. Nearly 60 percent of women surveyed said they’re most likely to sext either a long-term partner or their spouse—but 36 percent admit to sexting casual partners, too.

It’s not a bad idea to talk to her about it first, though. More than 40 percent of women have received an unwanted sext and 7 percent of American women have had a nude photo shared without their consent (that number more than doubled for European women), the survey found. Not cool, man.

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