Sex Toy Helps Couples get Pregnant

Sex Toy Helps Couples get Pregnant


Before Stephanie Berman’s invention, men with sexual dysfunction or disabilities, same-sex female couples and others who wanted to get pregnant had few sexy or romantic options. The seed which led to Berman’s invention was that she and her wife wanted to get pregnant, but the options available felt too cold, clinical and unloving. They wanted something more romantic and sexy. Besides a visit to a physician, the choices at the time were a turkey baster or a needleless syringe for use in insemination. Since she works in female reproductive health, she decided to develop something couples could use to make assisted pregnancy fun, safe, engaging and feel more like a bonding experience than a calculated, medical treatment. The result was Semenette. This is a dildo that has a pump used to engage ejaculation, making the process enjoyable and providing a more natural insemination experience. It can be used singly or with a partner.


Now the inventor and entrepreneur is launching a crowd-funding campaign to bring about the next generation; the Semenette 2.0. Any couple struggling to get pregnant knows that it can take a heavy financial and emotional toll. This product can inject more fun into the experience. Berman says her product allows for intimacy, authenticity and privacy. It can also involve both partners in an enjoyable and engaging way. The newer version will come in different colors and sizes. Berman plans to use a silicon blend to make it slightly softer and give it a more realistic feel. Also the newer version will include a larger bulb, giving it the ability to deliver more fluid. Heterosexual couples who have been trying for 12 months without success should see a fertility specialist. If interested in using the Semenette for your fertilization needs, why not broach the subject with your doctor or specialist? They may not be familiar with it, so be sure to bring some information with you to your next visit. There’s no reason why such a process has to be cold and clinical. Now, every child can be created through a warm, deeply connected and loving process.

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