Sex Positions for the Less Endowed

Sex Positions for the Less Endowed


Those who believe that they are less than average in size often worry about pleasing their partner. Whether they are just feeling inadequate or they do fall short, it doesn’t matter. Realize that millions of men are below average, considered five inches long. But you don’t need a certain size to please a woman. What’s more, those who are too long often slam into the cervix which can be painful. Painful sex is only going to get you less time between the sheets. There’s an old saying, “It’s not the size of the ship that counts but the motion in the ocean.” Use sexy foreplay along with the right positions and technique and she’ll be worshipping your member no matter what size it is. One way to get her all riled up is by investing in foreplay. It takes time to get a woman going. But once you get her there and she’s enthusiastic, the experience will be ten times better.


Kissing her all over and caressing her in places she likes will get her motor running. But don’t stop there. Throw in some pillow talk. Be sure to know what she likes said, and steer clear of what turns her off. Why not incorporate her favorite sex toy? If she likes things a little more intense, sexual biting, spanking and tease and denial might be in order. You want to get her so turned on she’s begging for you to be inside of her. Another thing you can do is incorporate clitoral play. Oral sex, using a vibrator or digital stimulation can get her raring to go. You may even want to have her climax once before penetration. When it comes time for intercourse, try doggie style. Have her face down on the mattress and her bottom way up in the air. Have her back and rear arched high. Lean in and try to give as much body contact as possible. This adds lots of friction equaling pleasure for both of you. The antelope is another position, also done from behind. Here you should both kneel on the floor but bend over the couch or a large, comfy chair. Enter her from behind. Her legs should be open. Since her hands are free, she can self-stimulate if she wishes. Done right, she’ll think you are an amazing lover no matter what size you’re packing.

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