Pleasing a Woman with a Micropenis

Pleasing a Woman with a Micropenis


Lots of men fear being too small to please a woman. Yet, a recent British study found the vast majority of men are average in length and girth. A scant few fall below. But a micropenis is the rarest of all. Keep in mind you can’t tell what size you are erect when you are flaccid. But an erect micropenis is considered to be two inches in length or smaller. Only 0.6 to 1% of men have this condition according to Dr. Leo Doumanian. He’s a reconstructive surgeon at the University of Southern California’s Institute of Urology. To put those numbers in perspective of the 151.4 million men in the U.S., 1.5 million have a micropenis. Unfortunately, TV and other media poke fun at those who are less than endowed. Those men with this particular condition are maligned and their worth and masculinity often brought into question. But for any man with a micropenis, Dr. Doumanian says it isn’t their size that affects their sexual relationships but their feelings of inadequacy.

Those who believe they may lack a certain length or girth or even have a micropenis can still please a woman, be confident and experience the rich, fulfilling sex life they desire.First, one must become comfortable with one’s self. Come to terms with your size. Even celebrate it. If you are confident in the bedroom, pay lots of attention to your partner, focus on her wants, needs and desires and give her lots of extended foreplay, chances are she will consider you an exceptional lover. Realize that the vast majority of women don’t reach orgasm through vaginal intercourse. Work on your oral and digital skills to bring your lover to the realm of pure bliss. Next, consider what positions will give you an advantage during intercourse. Pick positions with deeper penetration.Place a pillow under her buttocks instead of regular missionary for instance. Throughout the process make her laugh, make her feel comfortable, go slow, seduce her and give her the time of her life. You’ll be her best lover no matter your size.

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