Penile Bruising and the Issues it can Cause

Penile Bruising and the Issues it can Cause


Everyone bumps into something once in a while and gets a bruise. It’s inevitable. Lots of guys don’t even notice when it happens. But if your penis is seriously bruised, it could be a sign of deeper trouble. Most are nothing to worry about. But it is important to be aware of what might cause the issue, and when to go to a doctor or specialist to get checked out. Here are some issues to be aware of should you notice bruising in your nether regions. Each year emergency rooms all over the country deal with blunt force trauma to the groin. This could be a sports-related injury, work-related, a fight, motorcycle-related, or just some sort of accident. When capillaries under the skin are crushed or broken, the blood flows underneath, causing a bruise. However, if the injury is followed by severe pain from the penis or groin, see a doctor or go to the ER right away.  The penis itself has no bones. It gets hard when the spongy material within fills with blood. Still, the penis can be broken or torn. This is usually done when a man engages in risky or dangerous sexual maneuvers with his partner. Severe pain following a strange popping sound should alert a man to get to the hospital right away.MAN-GROIN-PAIN

Another type has to do with lymph fluid. Lymph fluid is carried throughout the body by the lymphatic system. The penis contains these vessels. After a bout of rigorous sex, the vessels can become blocked. They may look like lumps on the surface of the penis, and can form patterns that appear bruise-like in color and manner. This is nothing to worry about and usually disappears by itself within a few days. For some, it can last as long as a few weeks. Without pain or any other symptoms, monitor it, but don’t worry too much. Bruising from a constant erection is another matter. If you have a painful erection that won’t go away for hours, this condition is what is called priapism. Priapism occurs when scarring within the penis traps blood inside. It can be very painful and demands immediate medical attention. This is an emergency. With priapism, bruising or a darkening of the skin may occur. Anything that seems serious should be checked out by a physician. For a small bump or light bruising, you can use warm or cool compresses if it bothers you, take over-the-counter medication such as aspirin or ibuprofen, and simply allow it time to heal.

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