One Technique to Avoid When Trying to Appear Larger

One Technique to Avoid When Trying to Appear Larger


Lots of guys worry about their size. Even though study after study has shown that the vast majority are in the average range, this preoccupation has not dissipated. If anything, the advent of the internet, specifically internet pornography, but dating sites and social media too, has made this obsession worse. Enhancement ads litter the internet, from bizarre and mostly likely dangerous devices, to pills with ineffective and even toxic ingredients. Yet, legions of males purchase these every day, whether risky or not. Then there are subtle techniques men use to give themselves a boost, visually. They display it to their lover from the side, instead of a top-down or frontal view. In this way, it will appear bigger. Some men work extra hard to get rid of belly fat in order to make themselves look well endowed. Then there are certain positions that give one greater depth and so the feeling of filling her up. But one technique often touted, that you should avoid doing, is shaving off all your pubic hair.


Lots of men’s magazines and other resources recommend this. The lack of thick tuffs of hair will of course make it appear larger. But there is a downside. First, there is a nickname for this phenomenon, a “freshly plucked turkey.” Few men want their genitalia to be referred to in this manner. Guys are very penis centered its true. Yet, they aren’t trying to impress themselves or even rivals, but women. It is how women evaluate such things that men should be concerned about. A recent study found that women generally remembered a penis being larger after intercourse than it actually was. Generally speaking women are less than thrilled with the visual a penis gives anyway. The male anatomy is not considered aesthetically pleasing.

Instead, it is the emotional bond she has with her partner that a woman focuses on. Now the downside, surprising her with a shaved pubic area could give her a shock. She might wonder what made you do it, and why this obsession with size. Being taken aback may even kill the mood. Really, just be confident and she will respond to the tone you set and your performance, not your equipment. Now for those concerned about performance, especially those suffering from PE or ED, talk to your doctor or an urologist. There are many therapies available today to overcome these common problems. What’s more, a concerning health issue may be at its root.

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