Obese Men Are Better in Bed – New Study Explains Why

Obese Men Are Better in Bed – New Study Explains Why


Research explains in great details how obese people are at risk. Health risks involve susceptibility to diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure issues, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis and stroke. However, a new study has revealed that there are some benefits of being obese, especially for men. One of the benefits of being obese is related to the sexual performance of the man.


Turkey’s Erciyes University conducted the research. Their results are noted in a study titled “Insight on pathogenesis of lifelong premature ejaculation: inverse relationship between lifelong premature ejaculation and obesity.” According to their findings, there is a direct co-relation between a man’s weight and his performance in the bedroom. It adds that men with excess weight last longer than healthy and lean men.

Benefits Of Being Obese

Researchers claim that obese men with oodles of fat around their stomachs have better stamina for sex, states an article in Mail Online. Scientists reveal that obese men last 90 seconds longer than the leaner or skinnier guys. They attribute this to the presence of a female sex hormone called estradiol, which inhibits male orgasm.

An article in Sun UK adds that the average time before a man climaxes is generally five and a half minutes. However, men with a higher body mass index (BMI) and stomach fat could last for around 7.3 minutes in bed. The study also revealed that many of the patients experiencing premature ejaculation were in fact leaner men with lower BMIs.

However, leaner men may not be suffering only from premature ejaculation. Another Mail Online report explains that leaner, skinnier and healthy men, who indulge in high intensity work outs end up with lower libidos.

Lean Men, Lower Libidos?

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill conducted this research which tried to find a link between men’s work out and their sex lives. The study interviewed around 1,100 men including experienced athletes. Answers to a thorough questionnaire, filled by respondents, revealed that men, who indulged in moderate or light intensity workouts or those that were moderate in duration had moderate or high libidos. However, those undergoing long or intense workouts had lower libidos.

Healthy Women Have Better Sex?

Another interesting study reveals that it is not just heavy men, who have all the fun. Women, who eat healthy too enjoy a better sex life than those who don’t. An article in Elite Daily quotes a study conducted by Santa Chiara Regional Hospital in Trento, Italy in 2014. The study monitored women who ate healthy.

It found that most of women, who ate healthy consumed apples regularly. It further revealed that from the healthy women, those who ate apples regularly had better sex drives. They also had increased arousal and frequent orgasms when compared to those who rarely ate them. This is because apples contain a chemical called polyphenol, which helps oxygen-rich blood reach the genitals during sex.