Men’s Health Thursday: When Having Sex Is Bad For Your Health

Men’s Health Thursday: When Having Sex Is Bad For Your Health


A lot of us look at all the positive things that comes with having good sex and barely worry about the negative things. If we do worry about it, it will be about coming too fast and not making a fool of ourselves. We should however worry about certain other important things such as headaches which may occur as a result of orgasms or an allergy to your own semen.


Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? These things actually do occur even though they may be rare and far between. Here are three times sex could be bad for your health and what you should do if you ever find yourself in such conditions.

The feeling after sex should be one of ecstasy and serenity not depression. Some people however feel depressed after sex and this condition is known as post-coital dysphoria. The condition affects fewer men and an antidepressants prescription will do much to reduce the feelings of depression. The drugs however have side effects including delayed ejaculation and low libido. There may also be an underlying cause for the depression which may involve your partner and how you perceive your sexual life. If you suffer from this. You may want to consider discussing whatever sexual issues you have with your partner and solving them. This can help you both to feel happier and better satisfied.

Semen Allergy
Semen allergy may be accompanied with signs and symptoms which include a fever, runny nose, and upset stomach. The condition is known as post-orgasmic illness syndrome (POIS) and occurs when your body incorrectly identifies proteins in your own semen as an antigen or foreign invaders causing your immune system to attack them.

Furthermore, the vagina fluids secreted in women can also trigger an allergic reaction in men, though it is less severe. Also, a man can also develop an allergy to another man’s semen in much rarer cases.

The symptoms for semen allergy may occur immediately or days later. It is essential to see a doctor or immunologist to properly diagnose your allergic condition. However, a study in the journal of Sexual medicine suggests that anti-inflammatory medications when taken before and after sex can go a long way in calming the immune system to prevent any autoimmune reaction that can trigger the symptoms associated with semen allergy.

It is estimated that about one in 100 people suffer headaches during or immediately after sexual activity. The research published by the American society of Headache also found out that men were more likely to be sufferers and feel the pain more than women. The headaches sometimes builds up in response to the intensity of the sexual activity or commences the instance orgasm occurs.
The cause of the headaches has been linked to the release of the hormone adrenaline which causes an increase in the blood pressure which may inadvertently, trigger a headache.
It is essential you see a doctor if the headaches occur suddenly, are severe and continues for a long while. Some of these headaches may be a precursor to more serious medical issues such as strokes or aneurysms. Your doctor will be in the best position to determine the best cause of treatment.