Male Health Update: Soft Drinks May Give You Soft Penis

Male Health Update: Soft Drinks May Give You Soft Penis


Male health update! Men who love drinking soda or soft drinks may be at risk of having “soft penises” and lower sperm count. Researchers found that excessive soda consumption can cause erectile dysfunction and reduce sperm count by as much as thirty percent.

This important male health update came from studies showing how drinking too much soda may promote poor sexual health in men. Researchers said there is a high chance some men suffering erectile dysfunction consumed too much soda in their past.

A new study suggests reasons why some men have soft penises potentially due to drinking too much soda. Researchers said erectile dysfunction occurs when high sugar intake causes fat to fill some blood vessels in the penis.

The condition would then block blood flow, making it harder to get an erection.

More Soda, Lower Sperm Count

Another study conducted by researchers at Copenhagen University Hospital shows soda addicts had lower sperm count than those with poor consumption of soda. Excessive soda drinking reduced the sperm count of some men into an average of 35 million per liter.

Researchers found non-soda addicts had an average of 56 million sperm per liter. The findings come from the analysis of the conditions of nearly 2,500 men.

However, researchers noted further studies are needed to see how soft drinks directly affect sperm numbers. They added caffeine has been found not causing any effect on men’s sexual function.

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