Did you know! Women can experience non-stop orgasm for 4 months!

Did you know! Women can experience non-stop orgasm for 4 months!



Guess what? Women can not only experience longer orgasms than men but a sexual health expert claims they can experience one for four straight months! Hard to believe? It’s true! Read to know more…

An applied practice termed as “orgasmic meditation” or OM, continually allows women to live in a continually aroused state that helps them embrace all areas of their life with sensuality and vigour.

This practice as sex instructor Nicole Daedone explains is not foreplay; it’s practised separately from sex and away from the bed and is not designed to induce orgasm, but to keep the woman on a plateau of sensation. Daedone, who is the author of ‘Slow Sex, The Art And Craft Of The Female Orgasm,’ further states that the practice of “orgasmic meditation” requires dedication.

She adds that couples should set aside 45 minutes daily, over ten days, to get any sense of OM’s benefits as according to her, an orgasm is the body’s ability to receive and respond to pleasure and although, sexual climax is often a part of orgasm, but it is not the sum total.

For “orgasmic meditation” to be a success, the woman must concentrate ‘mindfully’ on the sensations she feels, without letting her thoughts run amok, while the man’s role is to concentrate on his woman. They would be able to prolong sexual pleasure and delay climax for a much longer period with this practice.

It’s a fact! Women don’t even need to have sex to reach orgasm
Coregasms: Some researchers have found the exercise triggers sexual arousal and even climax in some women. Termed as ‘coregasms’, because of its linkage with exercises for core abdominal muscles, they could occur while biking, spinning, abdominal exercises or even rope climbing.

Thinking her way to an orgasm! A recently conducted study on the female brain during an orgasm had an interesting find. Some women claimed that they did not need to visualise a sexual or romantic fantasy to reach climax. They further stated that merely focusing on wanting an orgasm was enough and their body would respond.

Oral sex is enough: A study on the sexual behaviour of men and women in the United States discovered that while men relied on vaginal intercourse to reach orgasm, women were able to climax by participating in non-penetrative sex acts such as oral sex.

Speaking of oral sex, recent studies have revealed that indulging in it is actually beneficial to a woman’s health. Some sexual health experts are of the opinion that ingestion of semen from oral sex is quite healthy since it contains “mood-altering chemicals” elevates mood, increases affection and induces sleep. This is also why some doctors recommend that pregnant women should perform oral sex on their partners to cure the effects of morning sickness.
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