Kandasana the Best Yoga Position for Improved Sexual Functioning

Kandasana the Best Yoga Position for Improved Sexual Functioning


Some men today prefer to take part in natural, alternative therapies for their healthcare needs. This is also true when it comes to erectile dysfunction.Many men are embarrassed or afraid to address the condition with their doctor. Others do not want to take medication if there is a natural alternative, though ED drugs are safe, with very few side effects. Then there are those who are very interested in yoga, acupuncture, reiki, and other alternative practices, and believe in their therapeutic benefits. Yoga expert Abhishek Sharma suggests kandasana for ED. This is a particular yoga position or asana, recommended for millennia to conquer what was traditionally called impotence. According to Sharma it is also effective against premature ejaculation. The idea comes from traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Here the chakras—a line of nexus points starting at the crown and ending at the groin, control the flow of an unseen energy force. This yoga position is said to open up the chakra of the navel, and release sexual energy. In a medical sense, it may open up and stimulate the blood vessels of the groin and pelvic region, leading to better circulation. A lack of blood flow is one of the biggest causes of ED.


Understand that this position is not recommended for those with a bad back or knee injury. To perform it you first sit with your legs out in front of you. Stretch your legs sideways and then fold them at the knee. Pull in your legs toward you. Inhale slowly and place your feet against your navel using your hands. You need to practice balance at this time. Keep your back straight. Hold this position for a few breaths. Slowly lower your legs to the floor during exhalation. You can rest for thirty seconds and then repeat the pose. Make sure to learn it from an instructor in order to perform it correctly. It is important to realize that no scientific studies back the use of yoga to undo ED. Many physicians do say that sexual functioning can improve greatly through exercise and an overall healthy lifestyle. Still, any man experiencing ED should talk with his doctor or an urologist as a more pressing, potentially life-threatening condition may be the cause.

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