How good is Sex for Men?

How good is Sex for Men?


Sexual health is a big concern for many men that is seldom spoken about. Prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction and contracting a STD are all problems that carry an embarrassing social stigma. Recent studies have found some very interesting information; sex, besides being extremely satisfying, is also good for prostate health.

Ejaculation has been proven to reduce stress and help a man’s immune system. This in turn assists in preventing cancer. Sex itself is good for cardiovascular health, which will not only help someone’s entire body but prevents erectile dysfunction. Lack of sexual activity can also be problematic for males. This can cause shortening of the penile tissue, and like previously mentioned, erectile dysfunction. On top of that, it can affect a man’s psychological health which may leak into a relationship, generating tension.

It is not suggested for anyone to have as much sex as time will allow. On the contrary, that puts you at a higher risk for contracting STDs or Prostatitis (a painful bacterial infection). states “men between the ages of 20 to 30 were at a higher risk of developing prostate problems when they experienced an ejaculation more than 20 times a month” while “Men who were over the age of 40 experienced none of the risk associated with prostate problems and masturbation, and simply were at a lower risk.”


There are many things that modern medical science must look into before any of this information can be completely validated. The study does show a correlation between prostate cancers and testosterone levels, though research is still debating the effect. What is known is that sexual activity is good for men’s health, but many things must be taken into consideration. First, use protection, especially if you’re having sex with a new partner and are unaware of their STD status. Limiting your partners will greatly reduce risks. Second, try to find a balance; too much sex can increase your chance to develop prostate cancer while too little is just as bad and may cause other complications. Sex is fun and something two people can enjoy together. Even masturbation can help you relax, or deter cancer. Just don’t overdo it. The key to a healthy life is a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

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