Exercises that Boost the Libido

Exercises that Boost the Libido


Commercials don the airwaves about ED drugs and articles fill websites and newspapers about ways to boost the libido, but there are exercises that can do so, and without any harmful side effects. If you want a stronger sex drive, work an exercise regimen into your weekly routine. Doctors say about a half hour a day five days per week will keep you in tip-top shape. For those men who do take medication for erectile dysfunction, exercise is often recommended in tandem with the medicine. In one study, men who exercised after receiving hormone therapy to treat prostate cancer were far more likely to enjoy sexual activity than those who were not active. What’s more, losing weight can really help boost the libido. Many doctors and urologists say lifestyle changes such as eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of exercise, sleeping an adequate amount and controlling stress can turn ED around. Extra fat, particularly around the abdomen, absorbs testosterone. What’s more, it tells the brain to stop producing the sex hormone. But losing weight helps release more testosterone into the blood stream. Testosterone is not only the male sex hormone, it is linked with desire. One study suggests stretching and deep breathing could also improve the libido. In this study, 80 male participants were split into two groups. Those that took part in stretching and deep breathing exercises enjoyed stronger sexual desire.

Kegels or pelvic floor exercises aren’t just for women anymore. They can increase the male sexual experience as well. Kegels strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, the muscles of the lower abdomen which control the bladder and the rectum as well. Kegel exercises were once only used to help women in labor. Now they also strengthen the lower muscles for both men and women in order to experience greater sexual pleasure. Those men who have had a prostatectomy can use Kegel exercises to regain control of the muscles down there again and help restore sexual function. There are many articles and videos on how to do them online. You can practice them in traffic, in meetings, or anywhere and no one will ever know. Do you get enough sunlight? Not only does ten minutes a day in the sun create enough vitamin D in your body for the day, it also increases neurotransmitter production, alertness, and increases your energy level. Daily sunlight exposure, exercise and the proper amount of dietary protein have been determined to be as effective as medical treatments according to some studies. Remember that the biggest erogenous zone is the mind. So relieve yourself of stress in healthy ways such as getting exercise. Anxiety and depression are emotional issues that can sink your libido. Find natural, healthy ways to relieve these and give your libido a boost. Some calming exercises like yoga for instance can help.yoga

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