Everything You Need to Know about Penis Piercings

Everything You Need to Know about Penis Piercings


Some guys are thrill seekers. They also like women who walk on the wild side. Others like to shock and titillate. Then there are those who just think such a piercing looks cool. Whatever the reasoning, you are considering getting your penis pierced. This is a very simple, straightforward procedure. Still, if not done right it can lead to serious complications such as infection. You can even contract a life-threatening disease. It’s important that you take the time to look into the procedure and safeguard yourself. Here is everything you need to know about penis piercings. First, find a reputable establishment to perform the procedure. Make sure they are licensed and certified. Do they have a clean environment? Is the equipment sterilized? Never try to perform such a piercing yourself. Always seek a professional. How much will it cost? Depending upon where you live, about $50 plus the cost of the jewelry.


The procedure entails using a needle to make a hole in the penis and placing a ring or bar through it. Piercings may occur through the head, foreskin, the scrotum and parts of the shaft. Under no circumstances should a piercing pass directly through the shaft, however. This can cause serious injury. If you decide to remove it later on, say you don’t want it anymore, the hole often stays open. If it does close, a scar will likely occur. Once pierced, leave the jewelry in until it has fully healed. Follow the aftercare instructions faithfully. Keep the wound clean. Be sure to periodically check for any signs of allergy or infection. Select hypoallergenic jewelry as to avoid the chances of allergy. If you are going to have sex, use a sturdy condom. Select one with lots of room so the piercing won’t tear it, making the condom ineffective. Common aftereffects include a small amount of bleeding, soreness, redness, and the chance of infection including a urinary tract infection.Diabetics have a higher chance of it getting infected. If not performed with a sterile needle, one can contract HIV or hepatitis B or C.  Safeguard yourself and you should be able to enjoy your piercing without complication.

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