Countries Most Sexually Satisfied

Countries Most Sexually Satisfied


Though America has come far since the sexual revolution, we are still far behind other countries when it comes to sexual satisfaction. Compared to other countries the U.S. is still very conservative when it comes to sex and sexual issues.  This is thought to have an influence. Nations that aren’t as hung up on sex have a lower teen pregnancy rate, less abortions, more satisfying sex lives and far fewer STDs. Knowledge and being laid back about things, that’s powerful. However, societies that are repressed in other ways don’t always affect the sex lives of the masses. 80% of Russians for instance knock fur-covered boots once a week. But the Russians aren’t the only ones doing it more than we are. Nations overseas have sex 70% more often than Americans. No wonder there’s so much road rage. 48% sexually satisfied is how the good ole U.S. of A. turned up in one survey according to Durex Global Research, the institutional arm to the well-known condom brand. Sexual satisfaction was determined by measuring participant’s satisfaction levels in the areas of mental and physical health, freedom from stress, excitement in the sex life, mutual respect and love and the ability to orgasm. Another study out this year said that socio-economic status also affected sexual satisfaction.


Switzerland has consistently been ranked the number one most sexually satisfied country in the world. 21% of Swiss rate their sex lives as “excellent.” The number of Swiss who’ve done the dirty deed outdoors is 32%. Switzerland in the midst of all this shagging has one of the lowest rates of teen pregnancy on the globe. It also stands to be known that prostitution is legal in Switzerland. Sex education can begin young, even in kindergarten, and its views on pornography are very free and easy. Still teen pregnancy in the U.S. is higher than Switzerland to the exponent of ten. Next on the list of most fulfilled is Spain where 90% of the populace is sexually satisfied. 25% of the Spanish label self-performance as “excellent.” Sexual satisfaction in Spain increased within the context of a long-term relationship, as opposed to short-term with multiple partners. One of Spain’s hot commodities is nude beaches. The Spanish are also very accepting of homosexuality and gay marriage. 64% of Italians found their sex lives satisfying. The Italians are known all over the world as great lovers. Also all that great wine and food, all that sensuousness makes you and your lover feel sensual. Now Brazilians famous for their outrageous “Miss Bum” competitions are considered the world’s second best lovers, the first on the list are the Spaniards. Sex once a week, 82% of Brazilians said yes please. According to the Durex poll, Nigeria is the most satisfied in all the world, with a whopping 67% saying they were satisfied. Their sessions are also longer, lasting 24 minutes.

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