Can Penile Implant Surgery Cure ED?

Can Penile Implant Surgery Cure ED?


Though ED medications are successful in 85% of cases, there are drawbacks. They have to be taken at a certain time. Some cannot be taken with food. And sex has to be planned around them, making it less spontaneous and for many couples, less fulfilling. Injections work in about 15-20 minutes. But this is still less than ideal for those who enjoy getting intimate when the mood strikes. Now many urologists are offering another option: penile implant surgery.


Such implants have been around since the early 70’s. They are often used in cases of treatment-resistant dysfunction. Once ED drugs made their way to the market in the late 90’s, implants were cast aside. But now advances in technology are once again making them popular. Each year 25,000 of these procedures are performed, with a satisfaction rate of 94%.

This is a 45 minute procedure. Though an urologist may perform it, it is often handled by an implant specialist. The surgeon makes a tiny incision. Next, a small pump is placed within the scrotum. This draws sterile water from a reservoir which is placed against the wall of the abdomen. When the pump is pressed the water fills two cylinders on either side of the penis, causing an erection to occur. There is a little bit of pain associated with the surgery. But most patients find that it is minimal, and the end result, worthwhile. Medicare along with most other insurance companies cover the procedure. There is a risk of infection but it is low, a mere 5%. It usually takes about four weeks after the operation for the patient to be ready to try it out. Performance is not limited to one orgasm. In fact, a man can engage in intercourse as many times as his partner likes. Speak with your doctor or an urologist if you are interested in a penile implant, or if you are experiencing any degree of ED.

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