Better Positions for a Small Penis

Better Positions for a Small Penis


Lots of guys feel insecure about their size. But research has shown that the vast majority of men are within the normal range. Many are really unaware of this. Most straight men don’t check out other men while they are naked. Even if they do, there’s no way to tell another man’s size unless he is erect.Though most guys are average in size, there are still millions of men that are less than average.But even these men shouldn’t fear. It only takes three to four inches to please a woman. Moreover, women work differently when it comes to sex. The most important thing is to invest in a lot of foreplay. Invest in her too. Find out what really turns her on. But once you get her there and it’s time for penetration, initiate positions which will favor your size. There are some positions that a man with a small penis can do that will give a woman more pleasure than if she was with a larger man. Here are some of those positions.

Try the doggie. Here a woman is on her knees with her thighs together. She should place her head and shoulders on a pillow and arch her back. Use your body weight and lean forward with each thrust. The more body contact you make the better it will be for her. The antelope is another good position. Both of you are arched over a piece of furniture say an easy chair or the couch. Spread her legs and enter from behind. This can be really satisfying, offering a lot of body contact and friction. The next position is called the rabbit ears.


Here you place her on the bed on her back. Lift her buttocks up and place a pillow underneath. Gently push her legs back until her knees are at the level of her ears. Help her keep her legs in place by using your arms. This position will give you deep penetration which should be very satisfying for both of you. Include clitoral stimulation to any of these moves and she’s likely to have an orgasm, and come back for more.

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